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I Believe in Democracy . . . A Democracy characterized by the practice of Justice in every relation of life.  I hold that Justice is the Foremost Principle to be considered in making my decisions as a member of the Commons Club, the student body and as a citizen.[1]  I believe in that broad conception of Democracy that seeks Freedom of Opportunity, and recognizes no arbitrary discrimination.[2]

I Believe in Service . . . Service to the college; Service to every group organized for the common good; Service to the individual.  I believe in Service defined in terms of voluntary sacrifice for the welfare of those with whom I come in contact.

I Believe in Brotherhood . . . Brotherhood that reaches beyond the limits of the Commons Club and welcomes every person[3] as my Brother.  I believe in the intrinsic worth of the person at my side and in their ability to make good and justify my faith in them.[4]

I hold these beliefs as my profound conviction, and I pledge my fellow Brothers to live up to them to the best of my ability.

                                —adapted from the Wesleyan House of Commons Club Creed, 1889

[1] Original had “…a voting member…citizen of the United States.
[2] Original had “…recognizes no color, race, creed or position.
[3] Original had “…every man…”
[4] Original had “…worth of the man at … in his ability…faith in him.”