Club History
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Chapter (Affilitation) Dates 
Wesleyan (NFCC) 1833-1928, 1955-1961
Union (NFCC) 1901-1923
Dartmouth (NFCC) 1902-1908
Brown (NFCC) 1900-1912
Middlebury (NFCC) 1903-1925
Norwich (NFCC) 1903-1929
Colgate (independent) 1904-1955
Dickinson (independent) 1904-1955
Amherst (NFCC) (independent) 1906-1910, 1931-1933
Tufts (NFCC) 1906-1931
Randolph-Macon College (independent) 1908-1967
Williams (independent) 1909-1951
Ohio State (independent) 1910-1913, 1958-1960
North Dakota State (independent) 1910-2004
Syracuse (NFCC) 1911-1918
Colby (NFCC) 1912-1918
Massachusetts State College (NFCC) 1912-1921
West Virginia (NFCC) 1912-1925
Wabash College (NFCC) & (AACC) 1912-1932
Connecticut State College (NFCC) 1913-1918
New Hampshire State College (NFCC) 1913-1918
U. of Washington, Seattle (NFCC) 1913-1918, 1954-1955
Vermont (NFCC) 1913-1918
Hobart (NFCC) 1913-1921
Allegheny (NFCC) 1914-1917, 1949-1952 
Carnegie Institute of Technology (NFCC) 1914-1929
Case-Western Reserve (NFCC) 1914-1926
St. Lawrence (NFCC) 1916-1930
Whitman College (independent) 1916-1932
Denison University (AACC) 1917-1969, 2017 (interest group) 
Ohio University (AACC) 1919-1921
University of Rochester (AACC) 1920-1926
Hillsdale College (AACC) 1920-1924
Ohio Wesleyan (independent) 1920-1930
Wittenberg College (coed) (AACC) 1920-1933, 1954-1955
Shepardson Club at Denison (coed) 1920-1951[1]
Simpson College (AACC) 1920-1935
Vanderbilt (independent) 1922-1923
Rensselaer (independent) 1922-1931
University of Louisville (independent) 1922-1923
University of Akron (AACC) 1923-1931
Bucknell College (AACC) 1923-1925
Knox College (AACC) 1923-1933
DePauw University (AACC) 1924-1937, 1954-1955
Des Moines College (independent) 1924-1926
Ohio Northern (independent) 1924-1929
Muskingum College (independent) 1924-1926
University of Cincinnati (AACC) 1924-1963
Iowa State (AACC) 1925-1936
Colorado State (AACC) 1925-1956
Trianon Cincinnati (coed)[2] 1925-1968
Bowling Green (independent) 1926-1931
Trianon Butler (coed)[2] 1926-1974
Penn State (AACC) 1929-1938
Denver (independent) 1929-1931
Trianon Miami (coed)[2] 1929-1940
Monmouth (independent) 1930-1931
Purdue (AACC) & (ACC) 1930-1937, 1990-2000
Colorado Teachers (AACC) 1931-1948
Minnesota (independent) 1931-1955
Kentucky State (independent) 1932-1934
Trinity (independent) 1932-1933
Oklahoma (independent) 1932-1935
Baldwin-Wallace (independent) 1932-1937
Ball State (independent) & (ACC) 1932-1933, 1992-2000
Adrian (AACC) 1936-1964
Kent State (AACC) 1948-1961
Davidson (independent) 1955-1957
Indiana (coed) (ACC) 1909-1929, 1989-2012, 2017 (interest group) 
Purdue-Calumet (coed) (ACC) 1989-1995
Vincennes (ACC) 1989-1991
Eastern Michigan (coed) (ACC) 1993-2006
University of Michigan (coed) (ACC) 1996-2002
Indiana State (coed) (ACC) 1998-2002, 2016 (interest group) 
Indiana U. Purdue U. Indianapolis (coed) (ACC) 2003-2011, 2017 (interest group)

There may be many more unaffilliated Commons Clubs at other colleges of which we know little.  Both the NFCC and AACC were very active in trying to create chapters.  They distributed literature and information about the Commons Club movement all across the country.  We will update this list as we gain further information.

[1] Shepardson Club was a "sister" organization to the Commons Club.  The women of Shepardson College which merged with Denison University formed the Club with the help of the AACC chapter at Denison.  The Shepardson Club continued to share participation in many collegiate events over the years with the Denison Chapter.

[2] Trianon was a “sister” organization to the Commons Club at the University of Cincinnati, in 1925, when Dean Josephine P. Simrall and a group of female students, inspired and encouraged by the Cincinnati Commons Club created the Campus Club.  Next, in November 1926, several women at Butler University formed a Campus Club on their campus.  Then, in the spring of 1929, thirty-seven female students at Miami University formed the Miami Girl’s Club.  Members of the three clubs convened the first National Convention on December 28 and 29, 1929, to form Trianon sorority.  Trianon adopted the following creed:  “Trianon, Trianon, in you we do believe.  We believe in your work, your success, your ideals.  We believe that to every girl who claims you, you are a light that leads the way to friendship, work and healthy fun.  We believe in your organization, born in the spirit of independence and incorporating the high ideals of democracy, friendship, scholarship and service. (emphasis added)  And so, to you we come with grateful hearts, thankful for the torch you have given us to bear, for friends to cherish, tasks to do, and traditions to carry on through the years.  O, Trianon, in you we do believe.”   These ideals were almost identicle to the Commons Club ideals of "Democracy, Service, Brotherhood and University First" and the groups shared participation in collegiate events many times over the years with the Cincinnati chapter.